Marie's Story

"It's a good thing you were there."

Marie and her husband had just sold a successful dental practice. They were looking forward to enjoying a comfortable retirement, and Marie wanted to look into claiming Social Security. At only 62, she knew she’d prefer to wait until full retirement age at 66. However, she was unsure of her claiming options.

The ChappelWood Team informed her that recent law changes might still allow her to file at age 66 for half of her husband’s benefit, and allow her personal benefit to continue growing until age 70.

We accompanied Marie to a meeting with a Social Security agent to confirm this. The agent told us our belief was incorrect, and that Marie would only be able to claim one benefit or the other, not both. Marie exclaimed, "Are you serious?" We asked them to check the law again, citing that Marie's age made her eligible under the old law. After a few days, the agent contacted Marie to report that we we were, in fact, correct. She would be able to claim half her husband’s benefit at age 66, and her enhanced benefit at age 70.

Relieved and grateful, Marie told us, "It's a good thing you were there."


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