5 Remedies for Avoiding the Holiday Hangover

As we bask in the glow of the holidays, our days are full of parties, eating, and shopping. Christmas music is everywhere, the aromas of cinnamon and pine hang heavy in the air, and it seems every day is one big celebration leading up to December 25.

Will You Survive Retirement?

Remember the blockbuster disaster film Deep Impact from the summer of 1998? A large comet is discovered far out in space on an eventual collision course with Earth. Humanity tries to stop this catastrophe from happening, and faces the possibility of the comet slamming into Earth, punching our ticket to extinction.

Determining Your Risk Tolerance

Perhaps the most important factor in formulating your investment plan is your risk tolerance; this is the amount of risk you’re willing to assume in order to achieve your most important objectives.  Your risk tolerance is based on your fina

4 Essential Elements of a Retirement Plan

Victoria Headshot.jpgUntil recently, many retirees have been able to rely upon the three-legged stool of retirement income sources: A defined benefit pension plan that guarantees a lifetime income, their own savings, and Social Security.

Financial Lessons for Your Teen

Financial Lessons for Your Teen

Many people are reconsidering their personal finances; resulting in drastic changes to spending and savings habits.  This may create an opportunity to instill good financial habits in your teens, ones t

Retirement...America's Other Pastime


6 Money Myths You Probably Believe, But...

Each and every day, I am reminded of an indisputable truth of the universe – education is expensive! I’m not talking about the cost of a college education, although that is a major financial commitment.

Your Tax Refund - Evidence of a Terrible Financial Decision

Here we are, with just a few weeks left until one of our nation’s most reviled, I mean revered, dates on the calendar. April 15. Tax Day.

Using Life Insurance to Maximize Pension Options

One of the most fundamental tenets of financial planning we faithfully apply in our work with our clients is to Plan for the Expected, and Prepare for the Unexpected.

It's a Minefield Out There

I bet you remember the game show “Let’s Make a Deal”. Each week, contestants in not so stylish costumes would choose between what was behind Door #1 or Door #2.

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