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Bobby and Ken's Story

Bobby and Ken's Story

"We just need a plan."

Bobby and Ken were young parents with 3 children. Bobby was planning to leave her job to stay home with the children. Ken, a police officer, was concerned about funding their retirement and their childrens’ college educations. They had no debt and made a good income, but they still felt uneasy.

In a strategy review meeting with them to discuss their options, Ken said, "We just need a plan." That's exactly what the professionals at ChappelWood designed.

We addressed their concerns with a comprehensive financial plan. Through a robust fact finding process, we collected all the information needed to build a long-term plan that incorporated their retirement saving needs, college funding, and estate planning. They saw what their monthly and annual savings goals for retirement needed to be to achieve their goals. We established investment accounts for their childrens’ college funds, and stay in regular contact with them to make adjustments to the plan as their needs change.

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