Safe Money Solutions

Protect your assets.

Safe money solutions are based upon participating in the ups of the stock market, locking in your gains, and being completely protected against losses. A Fixed Index Annuity offers indexed market growth and guarantees no loss of principal or gains.

Most of our clients gravitate toward these features of an annuity:

  1. When the stock market goes up, your money goes up with it.
  2. Your gains lock in annually on a tax-deferred basis.
  3. When the stock market goes down, you don't lose anything.
  4. You receive compound interest credits.
  5. There are NO fees.
  6. You can convert your money to a guaranteed stream of income in retirement.

The convenience and predictability of a set payout makes a fixed index annuity a popular option for clients who want a known income stream to supplement their other retirement income.


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