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How can you show support?

Donations to the We Support Fund of ChappelWood Financial Services support grants to non-profit organizations throughout Oklahoma, including the Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, YWCA Oklahoma City, and Allied Arts. 

Click this link to Make a Donation to the the We Support Fund.


Encouraging People to Thank a Police Officer

A 5ft by 8ft sign in front of ChappelWood Financial Service is simply to thank those who can't be thanked personally. To show there are people who appreciate what police officers do for our communities and country. “My goal was to simply say 'We support you, thank you' to all the police officers and their families," said Victoria Woods, Chief Investment Advisor at ChappelWood Financial Services.  The sign was inspired by TV news report of a police officer murdered in Houston, TX, at the end of August, 2015.  By September 1st, 100 yard signs and the banner were printed.  They read “We Support Our Police Officers And Their Families. Thank You All!.”  The simple gesture turned into 2,500 yard signs garnishing the front of homes and businesses across Oklahoma, and surrounding states thus far.

The “We Support” gesture has caught on, inspiring a prayer vigil on a 2nd Street, a Fraternal Order rally and thank you cards written by children and sent to police stations.  Teachers in the area say they are using local news reports from YouTube to open discussions in the classroom about violence.  Hundreds of people have stopped by the ChappelWood office to take a picture with the banner to post on social media.

ChappelWood was visited by a group of Edmond Police, Swat team and Police Chief and Deputy Police Chief to thank her for her public display of support.  You are invited to stop by the Edmond office to pick up a sign for your yard.  Share a picture of your sign on social media, using the #InvestInTheBadge





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