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There is so much more to you than your wealth.

Money is only a tool. 


You have hopes and dreams unlike anyone else.

We know. We are dreamers, too.

Helping you live the life of your dreams is what drives us.

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Because our focus is on you.

We are an Independent Registered Investment Advisor. We answer only to you. 

We are fiduciaries. We are held to our industry's highest standard of care for you and your family.

You have the vision.

We have the know-how to make it reality.

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Real Clients. Real Stories of Hope.

Russ and Beth couldn't believe how large their tax bill was. They asked ChappelWood to investigate.

A quick scan of their tax return revealed most of their income came from their taxable IRA accounts. They were paying tax on 85% of their Social Security. Meanwhile, they had $100,000 in cash they weren't using.

By using more cash and less of the taxable account for income, we reduced their Social Security tax, and saved them more than $6,000 in annual taxes.

"These taxes are killing us!"

Russ & Beth's Story

— Marie, 63

Sandra had just lost her husband, and now an estate planning mistake was about to erase $6 million in tax-free money.

ChappelWood assembled a team of CPAs, attorneys, and retirement specialists. After four years of battling the IRS, a Private Letter Ruling allowed Sandra to keep the money as tax-free, protecting her family's legacy.

When asked by a friend, "What did you learn from this?", Sandra simply replied, "That Victoria and ChappelWood are worth their weight in gold!"

"Worth their weight in gold!"

Sandra's Story

Lauren's parents were looking forward to retirement and it was time for a family meeting to discuss options.

Lauren wanted to make sure her mom was comfortable with the plan. Thinking Victoria would only focus on the investments, Lauren was amazed when she also helped with healthcare planning, tax efficiency, Social Security, and estate planning.

Following the meeting, Lauren emailed Victoria, 

"Thank you for your time. It was so valuable to have you go through all the things you did. I'm glad you were able to meet my mother as well!"

"Thank you for your time!"

Lauren's Story

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